Barvinok Ukrainian Dance Society

From the smallest steps to the biggest jumps, Barvinok teaches the art of Ukrainian dance. At a young age, dancers learn to refine these movements and more.

Registration is now open for the 2023-2024 Season. Register Below:

Levels of dance are determined by a placement evaluation on the 1st day of class.  While the levels are typically associated with birth yearfinal placement is up to the Artistic Director and Instructors, based on individual talent, specific skills, overall abilities, and the dancer’s years of experience.

Tuition Costs

Pre-Beginner | 3 - 5 year olds
Thursdays 5:30pm - 6pm
per Year
Beginner Level | 5 - 7 year olds
Thursdays 6pm - 7pm
per Year
Intermediate Level 1 | 8 - 9 year olds
Thursdays 6pm - 7:15pm, St. Vladimir's
per Year
Intermediate Level 2,3,4 | 9 - 12 year olds
Thursdays 7pm - 8:15pm, St. Vladimir's
per year
Senior Levels 1 & 2 | 13 - 14 year olds
Mondays 6:45-8:45, Thursdays 7:15pm-9:30pm, St. Vladimir’s
per Year
Senior Level 3 | 15 - 17 year olds
Mondays 6:45pm-8:45pm, Thursdays 7:15pm-10pm, St. Vladimir's
per Year
Adults | 18 years +
Sundays 7pm-8:30pm, St. Vladimir's
per Year

Any fees paid in full by September 30, 2023 will receive a paid-in-full discount.  Pre-Beginner Dancers save $25, Beginner Dancers save $50, Intermediate Dancers save $50, Senior Level Dancers 2X/week save $75, The Adult Class saves $50.  The 2nd payment option is a pre-authorized debit contract with 8 installments.  There is no discount for the PAD plan.  Any questions, please email Barvinok.Registrar@gmail.com.

We currently do not do performances outside of our listed schedule of events.