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Barvinok’s dance season runs from September (the first Thursday after Labour Day) through the end of the first weekend in June.

Pre-Registration takes place in the spring and we open fall registration in August.

Registration is open to everyone, of all cultures, including those who are new to dance.

For your convenience, we offer our Registration Package online and require the completed package and deposits be paid prior to attending placement evaluations (or your first class for students in our Pre-Beginner and Adult classes).

Continue reading to learn about placement evaluations and class placements.

Location of School

All dance classes are held in the cultural centre attached to St. Vladimir’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

Free parking is available in the designated church parking lots on the west and north sides of the church as well as on the street.

Placement Evaluations

Levels of dance are determined by a placement evaluation the first Thursday class in September.

This is not an audition and our instructors ensure a positive and fun experience. Your child can relax and have fun.

Every dancer, including teenagers and adults who have never danced before, will become part of a class with peers of a comparable age and skill level at Barvinok.

Decisions on Class Placement

While the levels are typically associated with birth yearfinal placement is up to the Artistic Director and Instructors, based on individual talent, specific skills, overall abilities, and the dancer’s years of experience. 

Who Participates in Placement Evaluations?

New and re-enrolling students who meet the age criteria for Beginner (age 5-7), Intermediate (age 8-12) and Senior (age 13-17) level classes participate in placement evaluations on the first day of class every September.

Please note that students enrolling in Pre-Beginner (age 3-5) or Adult (18+) dance classes do not participate in placement evaluations.

Confirmation of Class Placement

After evaluations, students are placed in classes that will meet their current abilities and challenge them.

Parents will receive an email prior to their dancer’s second Thursday night class, advising them of class placement. Occasionally, changes are made to class placements during the first few weeks of class– please be patient with this process.

Your children will be taught by highly accredited instructors who inspire and teach with passion. Together, our teaching team brings over a century of combined experience to share. As dancers grow with us, they will have opportunities to learn and perform choreography from the folk dancing traditions of many regions.

Most importantly, Barvinok dancers have a lot of fun, enjoy new friendships and a vibrant Ukrainian community.

What Should Dancers Wear and Bring to Dance Evaluations?

(or Your First Class if You are in a Pre-Beginner or Adult Class)

Brand New Dancers

We understand new dancers may not have dance attire or footwear when classes begin.

Pants or shorts that are comfortable to move in that are not baggy are perfect to wear to evaluation night! Examples may include athletic shorts, leggings, or joggers.

Please do not wear denim or pants with wide leg openings.

If you do not have dance shoes, you are welcome to join us for evaluations in sock-feet (no bare feet please).

Please do not purchase dance footwear prior receiving your class placement. Once classes are assigned, instructors will advise on what type and colour of footwear is needed.

Long hair should be tied back, preferably in a bun.

Make sure you bring a water bottle!

Returning or Experienced Dancers

Dancers who already have dance-wear may wear it to evaluations. Yoga or athletic wear is also acceptable as long as it is not loose fitting.

If you have ballet slippers or jazz shoes, please bring them to wear.

If you do not have dance footwear or have outgrown yours, please wear socks for your evaluation (no bare feet).

Please do not purchase dance footwear for dance evaluations – instead, check with your instructor to find out the type and colour of footwear you need when you receive your class placement.

Long hair should be tied back, preferably in a bun.

Make sure you bring a water bottle!

What Parents Need to Bring to Placement Evaluations

(or the First Class if Dancer is in a Pre-Beginner or Adult Class)

Your Completed Registration Package

Registration packages must be completed online or printed (we use Google Forms) and submitted before arriving at Placement Evaluations (or the first class for students in the Pre-Beginner/Adult classes).

We must also have received your registration deposit by e-transfer per the instructions in the registration package.

Banking Information

Part of the registration process involves filling out two Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) agreements when you bring your child to Placement Evaluations (or their first class).

PAD agreements are required for your volunteer commitment and costume return contract. To complete the agreement you will need to know your financial institution’s address, your branch number, transit number and account number.

If you are planning to pay tuition by 7 monthly installments you will be required to complete an additional PAD agreement.

A PAD agreement allows for the debit of a fixed amount from your account on agreed upon terms.

Board members volunteering at Placement Evaluations will answer any questions you have, ensure you have completed all the required paperwork and paid the registration deposit prior to your child receiving a bracelet/hand stamp admitting them to evaluations.

A Few Final Reminders for Parents

We thank parents for supporting the focus of all members of your child’s class and your own dancers’ growing independence. We kindly request you drop your child off at dance and return at pick-up time.

The school hosts a parent viewing night, traditionally on the last Thursday of dance before the Christmas break so you can get a sneak preview of what your dancers have been working on! Feel free to take photos and videos!

Barvinok 101 is a special parent Q&A night held on a Thursday evening in mid-September.

When is the First Class for Pre-Beginner Dancers (Ages 3-5)?

Dates will be set out in the registration package, but generally, dancers in the Pre-Beginner dance class begin dancing the second Thursday after Labour Day from 5:30- 6:00 PM.

When is the First Class for Adult Dancers (Ages 18+)?

Dates will be set out in the registration package, but generally, dancers in the Adult dance class begin dancing the first Sunday after Labour Day from 7:00 – 8:30 PM.

Dancers in the adult class should enter through the basement level doors on the south side of the Cultural Centre at St. Vladimir’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

2023-24 Tuition

Volunteering and fundraising keeps our program affordable. Learn more about Volunteering and Fundraising commitments with Barvinok.

2023-24 Tuition Discounts

Any tuition paid in full by the last day of September will receive a discount:

Pre-Beginner Dancers save $25       

Beginner Dancers save $50

Intermediate Dancers save $50   

Senior Dancers save $75

Adult Class Dancers save $50

Tuition Payments – Monthly Installments

Another option is to pay tuition in 7 monthly pre-authorized debit installments. Tuition paid through an installment contract is not eligible for any discounts

Scholarship Application Opportunity for Ukrainian Newcomers

For the 2023-24 season we are pleased to announce a tuition scholarship application opportunity for Ukrainian newcomers.

If your dancer may qualify, please let us know so we can assist you with the process.

Applications for Funding to Support Families Facing Financial Barriers

Children whose families face financial barriers that make participating in dance challenging, may be eligible for some funding to help.

Please contact our registrar to learn more about supports that may be available to you.

Contact Our Registrar

If you have any questions about registration or fees, please contact our registrar.


Will there be a parent meeting to learn more about the group once we join?

All Barvinok families will be invited to a parent information session in mid-late September called Barvinok 101.

This is an opportunity for our board members to answer questions for families who are new to Barvinok.

Barvinok 101 is also helpful for families whose children are progressing through the school and entering a new level of dance (eg. advancing from Intermediate to Senior level classes).

This information session is immediately followed by our Fall General Meeting. Please save the dates- we can’t wait to meet you!

What footwear will be required for weeknight classes and performances?

Once your dancer is placed in a class, their instructor will be able to confirm what type and colour of dance shoes will be needed for rehearsals and performances.

Please note we do offer used shoe sales several times a year for families who wish to sell or purchase used shoes.

Dancers in Intermediate and Senior classes may be required to purchase multiple types of footwear for classes and performances (eg. ballet flats and character shoes).

It is very important to confirm what footwear is required for your dancer with their instructor prior to purchasing.

Which dancers get to wear Ukrainian red boots?

Dancers in Senior 2 level and higher classes as well as the Adult class all wear the iconic Ukrainian red boots for performances.

If you are unsure of how, where and when to purchase red boots, we can offer some suggestions. Please do not order red boots for your child until their class placement has been confirmed.

Senior boys performing Hopak. Senior 1 boys are wearing black, lace-less slip on jazz shoes. Senior 2, 3 and 4 are wearing red boots.

Tell me about costumes. Do we buy, rent or make them?

We do not require our families to rent, buy or make costumes.

Barvinok is proud to have one of the largest collections of authentic costumes in North America.

Our Artistic Director frequently travels to Ukraine where he works with talented artisans to carefully curate our collection.

Costumes are distributed to students throughout the year. Depending on the level of dance, dancers will receive 1 to 7 costumes.

Barvinok provides a garment bag for dancers to store and transport their costumes.

Communication and Support for Parents and Dancers

Barvinok prides itself in being organized and prepared. Keeping families and dancers informed is extremely important to us.

We’ve been here since 1990, so we have become pretty good at it!

You can count on more ease with our school with:

Accessible Staff and Volunteers

Monthly e-Newsletters

Online School Calendar

Private Dancer Portal with Resources for Dancers and Parents

Used Shoe Sales

Virtual Sign Up Lists for Volunteers

Parent Info Sessions and Board Meetings