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Placement Evaluations / The First Day of Class

Register for Ukrainian Dance Calgary Classes

Barvinok’s dance season runs from September (the first Thursday after Labour Day) through the end of the first weekend in June.

Pre-Registration opens in May and Registration is completed in September.

New and re-enrolling students who are 5–17 years old participate in placement evaluations on the first day of dance every September.

This is not an audition and our instructors ensure a positive and fun experience. Your child can relax and have fun.

Students enrolling in Pre-Beginner (age 3-5) and Adult (18+) dance classes do not participate in placement evaluations. These dancers automatically join their respective classes based on age only.

Confirmation of Class Placement

While the levels are typically associated with birth year, final placement is up to the Artistic Director and Instructors, based on individual talent, specific skills, overall abilities, and the dancer’s years of experience. 

After evaluations, students are placed in classes that will meet their current abilities and challenge them.

Parents will receive an email before their dancer’s second Thursday night class, advising them of class placement and class time.

What Should Dancers Wear & Bring to Dance Evaluations & First Classes?

  • Wear: Dance/yoga/athletic wear/socks
  • Do Not Wear: Loose fitting clothing/cropped shirts
  • Hair: Long hair should be tied back, preferably in a bun
  • Bring: Water bottle

Please do not purchase dance footwear for the purpose of dance evaluations – instead, wait for your instructor to tell you the type and colour of footwear you need. This will be communicated in September. If you already own a pair of ballet slippers or jazz shoes, you may wear them.

May Parents Stay to Watch their Children Dance?

We thank parents for supporting the focus of all members of your child’s class and your own dancers’ growing independence.

Please drop your child off at dance and return at pick-up time, including on Placement Night and first classes.

At Placement Evaluations, the lobby is completely utilized for registration procedures and waiting room space is not available. We respectfully ask parents to take advantage of this downtime to:

These are just a few things you could enjoy, even if you only have 30 minutes of time to yourself.

On regular class nights parents may wait for their children in the lobby of the Cultural Centre, outside of the instruction space.

The school hosts a parent viewing night, traditionally on the last Thursday of dance before the Christmas break so you can get a sneak preview of what your dancers have been working on! Feel free to take photos and videos!

Barvinok is the heart and soul of the Calgary Ukrainian Dance community


Where is the school located?

All dance classes are held in the cultural centre attached to St. Vladimir’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

Free parking is available in the designated church parking lots on the west and north sides of the church as well as on the street (watch for restrictions).

Where does my class meet at St. Vlad’s?

Children and Youth (Ages 3-17)

Dancers should enter through the main floor doors on the west side of the Cultural Centre at St. Vladimir’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church and proceed to the main hall. Your instructors will greet you there!

Adult (Ages 18+)

Dancers in the adult class should enter through the basement level doors on the south side of the Cultural Centre at St. Vladimir’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church and proceed to the large studio space at the bottom of the stairs. Your instructor will greet you there!

Will there be a parent meeting to learn more about the group once we join?

All Barvinok families will be invited to a parent information session in mid-late September called Barvinok 101.

This is an opportunity for our board members to answer questions for families who are new to Barvinok.

Barvinok 101 is also helpful for families whose children are progressing through the school and entering a new level of dance (eg. advancing from Intermediate to Senior level classes).

This information session is immediately followed by our Fall General Meeting. Please save the dates- we can’t wait to meet you!

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held in the spring. We invite all parents to attend this meeting.

What footwear will be required for weeknight classes and performances?

Once your dancer is placed in a class, their instructor will be able to confirm what type and colour of dance shoes will be needed for rehearsals and performances.

Please note we offer used shoe sales several times a year for families who wish to sell or purchase used shoes.

Dancers in Intermediate and Senior classes may be required to purchase multiple types of footwear for classes and performances (eg. ballet flats and character shoes).

Which dancers get to wear Ukrainian red boots?

Dancers in Senior 2 level and higher classes as well as the Adult class all wear the iconic Ukrainian red boots for performances.

If you are unsure of how, where and when to purchase red boots, we can offer some suggestions. Please do not order red boots for your child until their class placement has been confirmed.

Senior boys performing Hopak. Senior 1 boys are wearing black, lace-less slip on jazz shoes. Senior 2, 3 and 4 are wearing red boots.

Tell me about costumes. Do we buy, rent or make them?

We do not require our families to rent, buy or make costumes.

Barvinok is proud to have one of the largest collections of authentic costumes in North America.

Our Artistic Director frequently travels to Ukraine where he works with talented artisans to carefully curate our collection.

Costumes are distributed to students throughout the year. Depending on the level of dance, dancers will receive 1 to 7 costumes.

Barvinok provides a garment bag for dancers to store and transport their costumes.

What annual events do I need to plan to attend?

Please note these dates and times are based on previous events. They are tentative and subject to change. This information is provided for your consideration as you plan your activities.

Communication and Support for Parents and Dancers

Barvinok prides itself in being organized and prepared. Keeping families and dancers informed is extremely important to us.

You can count on more ease with our school with:

Accessible Instructors and Volunteers

Monthly e-Newsletters

Private Dancer Portal with Resources for Dancers and Parents

Used Shoe Sales

Virtual Sign Up Lists for Volunteers

Parent Info Sessions

Parent-Led Leadership